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Reporting landslides in Bandarawella


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reporting,  Damayanthi Jayasingha ; Director Field Coordinating, Uma Oya CIC- UK.

Bandarawell – Dikaraava mahavanguva landslide had occurred on 8th Novemb ,that was  point where 60 mitres away from that engineers were instructed to build a clay wall in order to prevent land slide. 63 families caught in dead trap.

Last night (8/11/17) at about 9.30 (SL time) in between  Bandarawell – Dikaraawa Mahavanguva and Mathara garage area landslide occurred. There were few earth failings have  been reported since 4th/11/17.These occurrence had been taken place 60 mitres away from, Where the point that recognised landslides are imminent. whole night Badulla – Colombo main road was close down due to  road was obstructed by the debris, soil and fallen trees.

this area has been make red in the map, as  landslides are the  most imminent. But, relevant authorities including Badulla government agent Mr. Nimal Abesiri and his office have done nothing so far to evacuate locals trap in this area, nor they were supplied with any assistant such as rent fees, temporary houses or at least a tent. Currently more than 63 families are living in these dead trap. they are living in fear for buried in live. Uma Oya CIC-UK   learnt that they have requested some kind of assistant few months ago and have not received any response for them yet. it is obvious those people not only suffering from these disastrous situations but also suffering from officials’ negligence and in-capabilities as well.

 withing  less than 2 k.M in this area,  falling of Electric and light post, trees, earth sinking, earth creaking, disappearing water streams  have been reported last 10 days. videos are  below Badulla – Colombo main road clearing incidents.

Posted by Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon on Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Posted by Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon on Wednesday, 1 November 2017


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