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Migahakivula Ella also disappeared


Migahakivula Ella,  the main water resource to Komarika agricultural lands has disappeared at Wallewela D2 area. The channel has sunk and whole water body drain down deep into the Earth says Mr Madhava Indika Rathnayaka the project manager reporting further says there is 15 feets diameter hollow has appeared, water flows into it and disappeared.
due to this reason, the step had taken to close down the main channel completely. As to farmers request repaired the place which sunk and open the channel again but hollow was gradually appeared and expanded in the same place and started water flow disappearing again, in this situation, there were no any other options but to close down completely again the main channel, he said.

Still, there are so many soils falling incidents reports in the area. The most nervous scenario is even though, the main channel completely closed down, the hollow area still continues to sinking, by the time now, there is more than 40 feets deep hollow has been created and still expanding and sinking.


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