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Heavy rain in Uwa…. Bandarawela in fear


by Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon – Bandarawela. Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person

Yesterday, heavy rain had fallen into Bandarawel and  Ella area. 46 villages in fear of death.  last night in 30 villages started soil falling.  Because of Uma Oya project, all the water streams have dried out, the earth cracked and sank in Bandarawela and Ella area, these earth cracks are extending and new cracks are appearing…… so many trees have fallen in these area……he further said.

Ella divisional sectorial has notified by the letters to these people to move out, who are living in fear of death but, has not provided fees for rent or temporary tenancy. At least this government officials have no plan or even fail to contemplate to provide the tents to these people.  Badulla district government’s agent (Disapathi) has neither did anything nor clue to do anything for this very urgent situation. Mr. Tnnakoon explained.

Where the area has warnings 146,000 earth sliding are imminent, have five (5) divisional secretaries vacancies yet to be filled, but has no plan for it, so far. Babulla government’s agent (Disaapathi),  who is waiting until thousands of thousand people buried in life,  has resources worth of Rs400 million provided by the public funds.  utilizing those funds he has recorded  0% temporary houses,  Tent 0%, new Toilets 0%, alternative roads 0%,  0% newly build temporary houses. He is planing if there are more rainfalls,  move the people by force, deploying the SL army, even into the jungle…… what a disaster! …..Mr. Tennakoon dismayed.
billow, the photograph of  soil fallen mountains.