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UmaOya – Project Disaster- The bleed


The the authorities should declare the Bandarawela – Ella region that has been destroyed due t the ‘multi-destructive Uma Oya project a disaster zone says the convener of the People’s Front against Uma Oya multi-destructive project the JVP Councilor of Uva Provincial Council Samantha Vidyarathna.
He said already 4625 houses have been damaged, some have been flattened to the ground and 2,333 wells, springs, and streams have completely dried up.
He said cracks have appeared at several public buildings and among the damaged buildings are Makulella Vidyalaya, Makulella Temple, Egodagama Temple, Heeloya Temple, Kurundugolla Temple, Udaperuwa meditating center, Dickarawa Nunnery and Medaperuwea Mosque.
Mr. Vidyarathna said farmers have to abandon their cultivations due to non-availability of water due to the destructive project while tea smallholders, businessmen and self-employed in the area too have been affected.
uma2Speaking further Mr. Vidyarathna said, “The destruction has escalated during the last few weeks. A large crack has appeared on Colombo – Badulla road and a part of the road has collapsed. Bandarawela – Heel Oya main road too has collapsed.

Cracks have appeared in the area where Damro building is situated and a seven-story building is being built. Buildings with 6 or 7 stories have reclined and wide cracks have appeared on walls in houses in the area.
To save human lives, as there are several schools in the area and it is a populous city center it should be declared a disaster area considering the destruction it would cause an action should be taken accordingly,” said Mr. Vidyarathna.